Washed Coffee - The Purist’s Choice

We love all kinds of coffees and processing methods here at Wide Awake. We think that each processing method has the potential to positively affect cup quality. We do, however, hold a special place in our hearts and taste buds for washed coffees. While the term washed may not sound as appetising as honey or as mesmerising and exotic as anaerobic processed or carbonic maceration, it definitely has its own appeal in the cupping table. 

With washed processed coffees, the coffee is de-pulped and the mucilage washed off before having the coffee finally dried. This style of processing brings about the least amount of fermentation in the green bean as compared to all the other methods. Flavors that are associated with fermentation will have little to no impact on the coffee’s flavour. Without the flavours associated with fermentation, washed coffees prominently displays the coffee’s intrinsic flavours thereby allowing the coffee drinker to appreciate its subtle nuances with ease. 

Put another way, washed processed coffees offer a very high amount of flavour clarity granting the coffee drinker an unparalleled insight into the coffee’s unique terroir and cultivar as well as the craftsmanship of the farmer. 

It is for these reasons that many coffee purists love washed process coffees as they seek to fully appreciate the coffee’s intrinsic cup quality before adding any other flavors in the cup through other processing methods or additives.