About Wide Awake

 Coffee roastery & Coffee Bean Supplier in San Juan, Metro Manila


Attention to detail in every step of the way—from sourcing to roasting.

We meticulously source our coffees from local and international producers with a focus on quality, ensuring that each batch meets our standards. Our roasting approach is also designed to highlight the unique and varied flavors intrinsic to our coffees.

By paying close attention to every detail, we guarantee a unique specialty coffee experience in every cup.


Brightly Roasted

We’ve recently transitioned from an Aillio Bullet to a Rubasse, an innovative coffee roasting machine that uses light. While the Bullet is a perfectly capable roaster and has served us well, the Rubasse brings a much greater degree of control and the use of light in our style of roasting results in flavorful and easy to brew coffees across different roast levels.

When roasting, we introduce just the right amount of caramelization to allow our meticulously sourced coffees to express their unique character, ranging from sweet and bright flavors to fruity and complex profiles. This style allows us to avoid harsh, burnt, ashy, and other unpleasant flavors in our coffees.

Direct Trade Relationships

Since starting Wide Awake, we’ve established multiple direct trade relationships with both local and international farms, allowing us to work closely with farmers and producers. These direct trade relationships enable us to curate a more diverse coffee selection that aligns with our values and roasting style.

With these approaches, we aim to share a unique, thoughtful, and engaging specialty coffee experience with you—from bean to cup.

Wholesale Coffee Supplier

Head over to our wholesale page and let us know what you need! We’d be more than happy to help you provide a special coffee experience to your customers.