Brew Coffee Into a Server

Brewing your coffee into a server and pouring the coffee into a smaller cup can help enhance your coffee experience.

Doing so has the following benefits:

Aroma: Servers usually have a smaller opening that serve to funnel the aromas of your coffee in a more direct manner to your olfactory senses. This will allow you to better evaluate and enjoy your coffee's aroma and flavors.

Cool down your drink faster: Many people enjoy drinking their coffee piping hot, but there is value in waiting for the beverage to cool a bit before taking a sip. The human body’s ability to taste increases as the beverage draws closer and closer to our resting body temperature. Drinking your coffee at around 55-65 degrees celsius will allow you to appreciate its flavour better. Using a coffee server and pouring into a small glass or cup will speed up the cooling process! 

Aesthetic: The aesthetic value of the light hitting the crimson red liquid of coffee inside a glass server, hearing the coffee swoosh around while you swirl the server, and seeing the warm aroma well up from the carafe simply cannot be denied. For us here at Wide Awake, enjoying coffee in this manner is a visual reminder of the craft that goes behind each cup.

The Feeling: Of course this is simply our opinion but we think that sipping your coffee from a small glass enhances the overall drinking experience. Enjoying coffee this way makes each sip feel that bit more precious. And pouring coffee from the server into a small cup - the smell, the sound, the sight of it - just brings about a moment of delight.