Here at Wide Awake, we want to give you a tasty and
thoughtful coffee experience. Find out how below.


   When do you roast coffee?

We roast every Monday and Friday.


   How soon can you ship coffee to me?

We ship your orders out on the same day of the roasting date or the day after the roasting date.

We may also have fresh coffee in stock. Feel free to message us on Instagram for availability. We will make sure to ship your coffee to you as soon as possible. We're very responsive! Find us here.


   When will I receive my order?

Metro Manila Orders:

We use reliable courier services to ensure shipping is fast and cost effective. You may expect to receive your order the same day or the next day the courier service picks up your order. Flat rate of 100 pesos only. However, in cases that the same day courier fees are too high, we will use JRS or J&T.

Outside Metro Manila Orders:

We use JRS Express or J&T to get your orders to you as fast and reliably as possible. You may expect to receive your order within 3-7 days of the courier picking up your order. The speed of delivery is dependent on your location.

Shipping is 100 pesos


   I have received coffee from different roast dates. Why?

At times, you may receive coffees from different production dates. Due to the nature of coffee roasting production, we will have some extra bags of coffee roasted at a different roast date. If freshness is an issue for you, then here is our promise: we will never send you a bag of stale coffee.


   How is freshness guaranteed?

All our roasted coffee is immediately cooled, bagged, and then sealed in coffee pouches optimized to maintain the coffee’s freshness and flavor. 

A further note on coffee freshness: all coffees age differently. Some coffee origins and varietals will exhibit peak flavors as late as 4 weeks post roast. We recommend to wait at least 2 weeks post roast date before enjoying your coffee. 

You can learn more about coffee freshness and flavor peaking here: https://www.lacabra.dk/blogs/news/we-should-be-resting-our-coffee