KKK Exclusive Coffees and a Glimpse of Our Future Menu

Hello everyone, 

I would just like to update you on what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Wide Awake PH.

We and our partner producer Tres Rosa’s of Davao del Sur have been busy experimenting with various processing methods, techniques, and roasting styles to get richer and more diverse flavors from Tres Rosa’s farm. These experiments are done for us to learn what kind of quality is possible, how we can push the coffee quality higher, and for us to see what coffee we will purchase in bigger lots once the main harvest begins later this year. 

After numerous experiments, we have stumbled upon a great marriage of processing methods and roasting styles that we are now sharing exclusively with the Kapekapeclub due to the very limited quantity available on hand. 


Anaerobic Honey: Floral (rose), red apple, sweet, clean

If you enjoyed our Mt. Apo Honey, then we expect you will enjoy this flavor very much. You will taste the same notes but cleaner, crisper, and sweeter. 

Processing notes: cherries are de-pulped then stored in sealed bags for 5 days then dried on raised beds for 3 weeks. Because the cherries are de-pulped prior to sealing, the coffee tastes very, very clean. We are not tasting the strong and sometimes pungent flavor usually attributed to anaerobic processed coffees. 



Anaerobic Natural: Fruit punch, winey, complex, clean, juicy

This coffee is jam packed with flavor. If you like juicy, flavor rich and flavor intense coffees, this is for you.

Processing notes: cherries are sealed in bags for 5 days then dried on raised beds for 3-4 weeks. This particular nano lot has the classic ferment flavor of anaerobic processed coffees. However, due to the short fermentation time, it still cups out very clean allowing you to taste both the coffee’s terroir and processing style. 


Peaberry Experimental Process: Pineapple, peach, custard, floral notes

Processing notes: Coffees from honey and natural lots were sifted to obtain peaberry coffees. Peaberries typically represent 5-10 percent of a harvest as peaberries are a natural mutation wherein only a single seed is able to grow inside the cherry. While it is not certain if this type of coffee is actually sweeter or more complex than standard, we believe that this particular lot is special because of the processing and the meticulous sorting being done in Tres Rosa’s farm. This entire lot was meticulously hand sifted and hand sorted to get the highest quality Peaberries with very, very little to no defects. 

In the cup, this coffee is highly complex, sweet, and very juicy. We think it’s the unique mixing of the processing of the coffee as well as the sweetness of the peaberries that explain the flavor notes you will experience in the cup. 


It is our goal to continuously purchase from our partner producers and push cup quality higher and higher. We want to serve you locally sourced and roasted coffees that you will be proud to drink and share. Every bag of local coffee beans you buy from us supports this objective. 


Thank you very much for your continued support and patronage. 




PS Don’t worry if you feel like you have been left out. We have some new coffee releases coming soon!