Wide Awake’s Menu Philosophy

Here at Wide Awake, we want our customers to be confident that they will be getting a consistently tasty coffee experience whenever they grab a bag of coffee from us -- regardless of the price of the coffee. To achieve this, we carefully source and roast our coffees to follow a flavour theme. We want all of our coffees to be clean, sweet, with an acidity that is in harmony with the coffee’s overall flavor profile. Let’s unpack these words and what we think they mean in the context of our coffee. 

Clean. A clean coffee offers transparency of flavour in the cup. Ideally, a clean coffee will allow you to taste and appreciate its unique terroir, varietal, and processing method. 

Sweet. The green coffee should be of high quality as to depict a good balance of bitterness and sourness. This flavor balance contributes sweetness and depth in the cup. The coffee should also be well-roasted ensuring that the coffee’s unique flavours will present themselves well in the cup.

Acidity in Harmony. Acidity in coffee refers to how coffees of different origins can display a very pleasant sweet-sour flavour. The acidity of the coffee can vary both in flavour and intensity. It is important for us to source and roast coffee such that the acidity is well-integrated into the coffee’s overall flavour. Some of our coffees will vary in acidity. Some will have a big body with lots of sweetness and a hint of acidity to keep the coffee interesting and very drinkable. On the other hand, some of our coffees will have acidity that is distinct, flavor intense, and mouthwatering. 

We believe that having a clear offering philosophy ensures that we source and roast coffees that you will enjoy.